Willem Jan Neutlings, Casa a Brasschaat

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Studio 80, Concept Models - Le Club/ Y’s Men, 1987

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post nucleare- pre pomeridiano

Trentino, Italy


A week for Brussels, 28.Jul.2014

A year ago I wouldn’t think I would be planning this. Let’s take it slow and relaxed, let’s go to the park and drink some white wine. 


Motohiko Odani, Inferno, 2008-2010. Video installation: comprised of eight screens which waterfall images are projected onto, while the floor and ceiling of the octagonal room are mirrored.

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in the swing of things, the new york times t style magazine fall travel ‘13

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The Monument to the Martyrs in Damascus by Abdo Kass-Khout in 1985. It was built to remember those fallen for Syria. Inside, it contains a large atrium that is sunken into the ground, recalling a crypt. The dome represents heaven as understood by the ancient cultures of the Levant featured in the Quran and the Bible. It was thought that the sky was a cupola of water held up by great pillars over earth that separated us from heaven. This, combined with Arab architectural features, helps to define the Syrian identity and demonstrates their complex and historical heritage. 

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